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Top 5 Safe Cities To Visit in Nigeria

Kidnappings, banditry, armed robbery, and petty crimes have been downsides of Nigerian tourism, resulting in the country being designated as a “No Safe Zone.” Many tourists still enjoy coming to Nigeria to view most of its tourist destinations and attractions, and they seek out the safest cities to visit.

Some cities in Nigeria are incredibly safe to visit due to strict security measures implemented by state governments. I chose these cities for you based on the following criteria: no religious crisis, no violent crime or kidnapping, and a low level of aggravated assaults and robberies.

There are excellent infrastructures, well-built buildings and roads, a friendly population, low crime rates, and a stable economy.

Here are Nigeria’s top 5 safest cities to visit.

1. Lagos


Despite its busy environment, Lagos is one of Nigeria’s safest cities. Lagos’s state government has invested in security and surveillance, employing one of the greatest police forces in the country. Thousands of tourists visit the city each year, and they appear to be at peace everywhere they go. Lagos has a low crime rate, so you should have little trouble visiting, especially if you aren’t heading to the trenches. Recommended places to stay include the Island and the Lekki Peninsula.

2. Ogun

Ogun State

Ogun is an industrial city that is similar to Lagos, its nearest neighbor. The city is very safe, with a peaceful climate that is excellent for both tourists and visitors. The crime rate is minimal, and the residents are friendly. Ogun boasts numerous tourist attractions and sightings to keep tourists and visitors entertained during their stay. Abeokuta is a good place to stay in Ogun.

3. Warri

Delta State

Warri is an oil-producing city with a large amount of crude oil. It is also a safe area to visit in Nigeria because it has a strong security infrastructure and low crime rates such as kidnapping and banditry. While in Warri, you can visit the Palace of the Olu of Warri, the Delta Steel Company, the NPA, and other tourist attractions.

4. Calabar

Cross River

Calabar is a popular tourist destination. It is considered the people’s paradise. Calabar has a low danger or crime rating, and it has recently undergone a significant increase in population, along with economic prosperity, tourism expansion, and the city’s unique design, which reinforces its safety and development. Due to the city’s tranquil atmosphere, there are a lot of foreigners who reside in Calabar.

5. Uyo

Akwa Ibom

Uyo is a beautiful city in Nigeria.
There is a high concentration of ex-pats in this city, and the enormous budget earmarked for combating crime, outfitting the police, and arming the army to ensure that no place is unsafe to visit, ensures the protection of the locals. Uyo is unquestionably safe, and you should not be worried throughout your visit.

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